This page documents the official Rules & Policies of the Flipline Studios Wiki.

The Rules are:

  • It is a privilege to contribute to this site, not a right.
  • Feel free to make positive contributions to the articles of this wiki by making credible additions and edits that can be verified easily by others.
  • There is a point and ranking system on this wiki, rewarding members for achieving a milestone for their contributions. Avoid making unnecessary edits to pad your score.
  • Show respect to your fellow contributors by refraining from abusive, intimidating, or disrespectful behavior.
  • As this site is accessible to minors (those under the age of 18), avoid using inappropriate language in your articles and comments.
  • Refrain from adding information that is unnecessary, repetitive, or irrelevant; or removing information that has already been verified and is credible.
  • As this is an information site, any pages or information that can be considered speculative or fan-fiction will be removed.
  • Feel free to contact any of the administrators with any concerns regarding what happens in the wiki. Admins, however, will not act as judges nor jury, and will only resolve disputes between members as a last resort.

Contributors to the Flipline Studios Wikia who refuse to abide by these rules will be subject to warnings. Multiple warnings may lead to the editor being blocked from contributing to this site by the administrators